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Teachers Compendium for Human Rights Education

Dear Educators, 
The Institute for the Development of Gifted Education is proud to introduce the Teacher Compendium for Human Rights Education. Through generous grant funding this document is available as a free download

at http://www.du.edu/idge/projects_pubs/publications/teaching_cards.html

Included in this is our newly developed Human Rights Educational Model. This model educates through meaningful, integrated content and is process driven enabling educators to customize learning. The model components are fluid with the focus on transformation of the individual. Components include Personal Identity, Information, Awareness, Issue Recognition, Action Development and Social Action. 

The Compendium is organized in a way that is useful for educators. Chapter 1 focuses on why human rights should be taught; Chapter 2 discusses the model in depth; Chapter 3 emphasizes how to teach human rights; Chapter 4 provides background information and introduction on human rights; and Chapter 5 introduces children's rights history and information. The Appendices provide educators with additional information. Appendix A provides context for terminology differences of service learning, social justice and social action. Appendix B provides nine different sample lessons to demonstrate how human rights issues can be taught with children Preschool to High school. Appendix C introduces the definitions for various human rights vocabulary and Appendix D and E provides resources for teaching various issues and for background information. 

It is our hope that you will read, utilize, and share the information with colleagues, students, teachers and other educators. Please print as many copies as you would like or to pass it along to others. The free download can be found at: http://www.du.edu/idge/projects_pubs/publications/teaching_cards.html

Thank you, 

Ellen Honeck, PhD 
Associate Director 
Institute for the Development of Gifted Education 

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