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The goals that we have set as a team and we will try to achieve are:

1.       The activation of young people and the local society in a cultural level regarding anything related to culture, intellectual cultivation and also regarding anything about culture and the particular aspects that serve and promote its growth.

2.       The development of skills and the creation of opportunities for kids and youth to practice their capabilities in arts and to take initiative through their daily life.

3.       The structure of a network among young people in Greece and abroad

4.    Finally, the stereotypical dissolution of entrenched beliefs and mentalities.

Therefore, we focus on:

1.       The new generation, with activities that promote arts and culture.

2.       The training in particular subjects, in an attempt to broaden their knowledge and to create chances for a variety of employment positions.

3.       The informing about local, national but also international programs on studies (for example, post-graduate programs, scholarships and cooperation), on youth mobility    (for instance, youth exchange, seminars, training courses), on employment (i.e. work and travel, internships) and about news-related programs with regards to topics that directly affect the realization of the group’s goals.

4.       The development of programs (national and international) about the preservation and the utilization of our cultural heritage, the civil and the institutional movement  and the cooperation among them, towards that direction.

5.       Last but not least, the rise of awareness of the world we live in and how to respect it, our rights and obligations to it.

With the constant evaluation and the open communication, with both members and friends, we aim continuously the refreshment and the reforming of our methods and activities that will bring us closer to our desired results.

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