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be pART!

Would you like to take part in the cultural stimulation and growth of our city? Well, if you are having ideas on how to transform Heraklion into an art and culture friendly city while developing your own skills and competencies, then be … pART!

Who we are

We begin as a non formal group of young people who believe at the time being there is a lack of interest in creating an environment suitable for artistic and cultural growth amongst the community. Our founding members are people experienced in volunteerism and the ideals it stands for, in European mobility Projects, active citizenship of youth in local and national level. Despite the hard times we are going through and the dead ends we come across every day, we believe optimism and trying for the best is the key to our future! It our strong belief that our city can be the triggering point for great achievements!

Through our activities we will try to contact and communicate with people who still believe its in our hands to escape the dull routine of everyday life. Our goal is through our efforts and actions to motivate youth awareness by generating a path for artistic growth and cultural enhancement.

Some of our actions include:

- skill learning activities,

- seminars-workshops, exhibitions,

- Youth mobility programs,

- Youth career consulting services and opportunities.


Our main goal is to become a focal point for people who share our concerns for the future!

be...smART be...pART

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